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The whole idea of each PDF is to show you how you can eat a whole week without simple sugars and curb your cravings. With less simple sugars you should notice more energy, less cravings, and a potential fat loss!

Some more facts about sugar:

  • Sugars are basic biological molecules that our bodies use in many ways.

  • Each person’s response to sugar (whether physiological or behavioral) will be a little different. This goes for carbohydrates in general too.

  • Sugar is not a health food. But sugar alone doesn’t necessarily cause most chronic health problems like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, which are multifactorial.

  • Sugar is energy dense. If eaten in excess (like most foods), sugar can contribute to weight / fat gain.

  • This weight / fat gain is probably mostly from the extra calories, not some special properties of sugars (or carbohydrates in general, or insulin).

  • Some people find it hard to stop eating sugar / sweet foods. This may also contribute to weight / fat gain—again, because of the extra energy intake.

  • We likely eat more sugar than we realize, since it’s hidden in so many food products.

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