These simple and easy-to-read guides will show you what you should be buying in order to stay healthy and on-track to your health and fat loss goals!

In this bundle you'll get:

  • My Complex Carbs Cheat Sheet

    • Carbs are not the enemy - but simple carbs can be! Picking the right ones will keep you energized, enhance your fitness performance and aid in fat loss.

    • Carb recommendations for fat loss

  • My Healthy Fats Cheat Sheet

    • By adding the right fats to your diet everyday, you can maintain healthy cells, fight inflammation and even lower your waistline (yes, it’s true)!

    • Fats recommendations for fat loss

  • My Protein Cheat Sheet

    • Looking for ways to shed excess fat and build muscle by adding more Protein to your diet? Of course you are!

    • Protein recommendations for fat loss

Vegan and vegetarian options included! 

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