Looking for some help with your nutrition as well as your fitness?

In collaboration with Personal Trainer Alisa Burns, together we offer a nutritionist and personal training package to get you your best shape.

In this package you'll get:

4 weeks of Meal Plans, Weekly trainings, education & support to kickstart your journey to being your best you!

A Nutritionist

  • Chelsey will perform a full analysis through a consultation and various medical and lifestyle forms. From there, she'll build a completely personalised meal plan that includes your carbs, fats and proteins necessary for you! She'll ensure that while your body starts to change with your new workout plan, you'll receive the necessary macronutrients to thrive and continue to meet your goals!
  • Also included in each plan is any necessary supplement recommendations, macro swap sheet and bulletproof meal prep sheet.

A Personal Trainer

  • Alisa will initially test your mobility and current physical ability. She will then build out a personalised weekly fitness plan based on your fitness goals. The plan will be built around whether you have access to a gym, outdoor space or a home workout.
  • The plan will be focussed on mobility, cardiovascular/plyometric movements and strengthening your muscles.
  • If you’re based in Barcelona, she will join you for a session once a week to teach form and movement. Expect to sweat A LOT!

Support & Education

  • Group Whatsapp/Email support so you can contact us at any time with any questions.

    • At a restaurant and not sure what to get? Working out but lost on what moves you should be doing? Lacking motivation!? Get in touch. We're here every step of the way!
  • It's easy to follow what you're being told, but our approach is to show you how you can eventually do this yourself. Our goal is that you learn new things and ultimately change your lifestyle. It's one things to diet and workout, but we believe it's better to create a new lifestyle for yourself so you never feel stuck again. 
  • You will receive constant education on how to how to listen to your body, how to make the most of your workout and correct form to avoid injury.

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