You need to avoid these two things in your diet every day

We've all heard about so many people these days who are lactose intolerant and have celiac disease. It's obvious to see that Dairy and Wheat are really troubling in so many peoples diets, and are best to avoid while trying to lose weight.

While it's important to keep calcium in our diets, the calcium in milk is actually not as much as you think and can be found in so many other things, including supplements. If you feel that you NEED dairy in your diet, eat it in the morning and earliest in the day. For milk substitution, try almond milk! Keep it unsweetened if you can.

Whole wheat is definitely a better substitution to white bread (everything white is BAD NEWS). Although recently, studies have showed that whole wheat is actually attributing to brain disease, spikes in blood sugar, and an addiction to more wheat. Choose whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, and gluten-free options. Again, if you have that loaf of whole wheat bread sitting there and you don't feel like just throwing it out then eat it in your mornings! But portion size, of course.

Especially if you have that extra 5-10 pounds to take off, cut these out! It's not hard and your body will thank you for it!

Chelsey Labusch