Why you aren't sticking to your 'diet'

Firstly, I want to clarify that the word 'diet' needs to be defined accurately. The word alone has led to resistance and early self-doubt because of how people see it (or failing miserably with another 'mainstream' and 'popular' diet). Your diet is your personal daily food/drink intakes that are either making you healthier or unhealthier.

Too many people are associating the word 'diet' with 'starvation', 'unhappiness' and 'resistance'. When we are told to go on a diet, we immediately assume that it's a bad thing - we've been doing things wrong for years and are now getting punished with salad. This couldn't be farther from the truth!

You shouldn't go on a diet, you should enhance your diet.

By changing our mindset to the idea that we are merely enhancing our already daily diet and analyzing why we have certain bad habits, it's easier to understand that we have to make changes in order to regain our health. This is one of the hardest steps to losing fat and getting healthy.

Your mind is the first thing you need to look at if you're trying to regain you/your families health or if you are trying to lose fat. Once you do that, the rest is pretty much a breeze.

Most of us don't realize we need help with this. We are constantly being told facts, myths, trends and fads to losing fat and getting healthy that aren't always true and best for us personally. We all have to look at our personal diets, realize food addictions, see how the certain things we eat are making us feel (physically and emotionally) and adjust our diets accordingly! This is about you. Marketers and the food industry are looking at everyone as a single person. You are an individual.

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Chelsey Labusch