Weight loss and a busy lifestyle

Entrepreneur: What’s a typical day in life of Randi Zuckerberg like?
Zuckerberg: I have a mantra that I started following a few years ago: Work. Sleep. Family. Fitness. Friends. Pick three.

If you had asked me this a few weeks ago, I would have told you that I've chosen: family, family, family. Definitely no sleep. Now that I'm beginning to emerge from the tunnel of newborn-land, I wake up around 7 every morning (well, I never really go to bed, so interpret "wake up" as you'd like) and I try to go a full hour without checking my email. It's difficult, but I find that if I check email first thing, I get thrust into the weeds, whereas not checking it allows me to get centered and figure out my goals for the day.

Chelsey Labusch