Travel Latina Feature: Keeping Your Fitness Routine While You're Abroad

I recently had the pleasure to work with a friend on a post that I think is really important, and often overlooked: keeping a fitness routine while you're abroad. 

My friend Gabi writes for Travel Latina and asked me for help to create a fitness plan that can be done anywhere, in a limited amount of time with no weights, trainers or runners. As these are things most traveler's don't have, this request was definitely tough to come up with.

When you're traveling or abroad, routines you have start to slip and getting back on track when you're home seems impossible. Fitness routines especially fall between the cracks and the slacking begins again. So we developed an easy fitness routine that can be done in less than 20 minutes (stretching included) in your hostel, hotel or airport.

Check out the plan here and get a PDF copy to take with you next time you travel!

How do you feel with your health and fitness when you come back from traveling or vacations?

Chelsey Labusch