The Reality of Sugar Addiction


Excessive cravings are not normal and usually are a sign of a sugar addiction and an unhealthy metabolism due to poor nutrition.

By understanding how the Sugar Addiction Cycle works, you can see how difficult it is to say no to cravings when they start and that sugar addiction acts the same as any addiction. Once you stop eating refined and added sugar, you will go through withdrawal and intense cravings. However, those WILL subside and your taste buds begin to change and those cravings go away, so your metabolism is healthy again.

It's so easy to fall into the cycle and hard to get out. Sugar is put in so many of our foods that we don't actually realize how much we consume and why we crave for more.

Recent research has actually confirmed that "cancer cells use glucose to generate the building blocks of the cellular compounds needed for rapid tumour growth". If that doesn't scare you enough to stop eating excess sugar, I don't know what will.

Limit the amount of refined and added sugar you eat everyday and you'll notice less cravings, more energy, healthier skin, a healthier body, and (of course) fat loss!

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Chelsey Labusch