The only motivation you need to get working out!

So many of us struggle with getting that motivation to move! Staying home and sitting on the couch watching Netflix sounds like a much better idea than travelling to the gym and doing some workouts that you don't even feel work at the end of the hour you're there.

While this is a thought of so many people out there (including me..on a daily basis), I want to share some of the best tips to getting off the couch and into the gym (or into your home gym-living room!)

1. Realize that you CAN: There are so many people out there who are not priveledged enough to take care of their health and fitness by working out. Use the fact that you are ABLE to workout and take care of your figure, because there are so many who wish they could but just can't as effectively as you. Remember that every time you "don't feel like it".

2. Realize it can be done QUICKLY: You DON'T need to be in the gym for hours until your shaking and your body can barely move. Work towards goals, such as running a 5+k or doing a spin class with ease by starting slow and incorporating weights. Run for 10 minutes and do weight training. The next day, run for another 10 minutes and do weight training. Once you're totally comfortable with that, move it to 15 minutes on the elliptical with weight training, and so on. Transformation is possible in less than an hour! One of the best forms of weight loss is actually done in 15 - 20 minutes through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which I highly recommend if you don't have any serious. And here's a tip: Check your stomach while you're working out to feel if it's cold. Once it gets cold, that means your loosing fat! What other motivation do you need than that.

3. Set up that PLAYLIST: Working out is SO much easier when you have a great playlist ready to listen to. Find the music that pumps you up and gets you motivated. Make a playlist so it's ready! Spotify is great for that but the random ads get a little demotivating, so try to use Spotify to find great music to add to your ipod, iphone, mp3, what have you.

I promise you if you follow these rules you can do it and once you continually do it, it will become a habit and not a chore. The feeling you get when you accomplish a workout for the day is the best form of accomplishment and confidence every person needs.

Chelsey Labusch