The New Years Resolution List

A New Years Resolution is something I think is taken for granted. Everyone makes it a ritual every year to make a list that is on their mind for the first week and gets lost the next.

Starting this January, make your Top 10 list of things you will have accomplished to make you a better, more successful and happy person for 2015! Use categories to create your list. Here are some as an example (in no particular order):

1. Health & Fitness: Define your ultimate goal weight and what you need to do to have it achieved by a specific day! I recommend 3 months from the start day to have an ultimate goal weight that others will recognize. Make March 1st your goal to be at that weight and be PROUD of yourself for sticking with the gym during the New Year hustle and bustle.

2. Friends & Family: Make a list of people you want to help and make time for in strengthening your relationship. Pick people who you admire, have been there for you through thick and thin and who really value your presence. Pick people who you have neglected and have maybe neglected you. Try to reconnect with those people who may be worth reconnecting with because you've lost touch through work, busy schedules, travel, etc. Pick 5 people.

3. Finances: Choose an ultimate amount of money you want to have saved by the end of the year. You can make a plan of how much a month to have saved in order to reach that goal or a few things you spend money on that you can cut back on. Choose this financial amount as a reward at the end of the year. Maybe a house down payment, car down payment, trip you've wanted to do for a while. Pick something that will benefit your ultimate life goal in order to be happy and content with your life.

4. Career: Are you satisfied in your career? Find ways to improve and show your boss (or yourself if you are your own boss) that you are still the best person for the job! Not satisfied in your career? Plan looking for other jobs that are interesting to you or start learning new skills in order to get that better job or promotion!

5. Education: Make a goal to learn something new this year. Consider learning different ways to cook. Take a class in business or marketing. Practice skills you may now need for your job or ones you may have lost in the past that are important to your career. Maybe start a blog and write about something you're passionate about. You never know where that may take you.

You can never be over-educated. 

Pick your own 5 categories and write down two from each category for your Top 10 New Years Resolution. Make it a habit to always look at your list (hang it on the fridge for example) throughout the year. Make one with friends or family. Keep each other accountable! Pick dates to have these accomplished by so that by the time the year is over you can be PROUD of all the things you've accomplished. Lastly, and very important, don't beat yourself up if you haven't done all 10 things. The list is a way to subconsciously realize what's important in your life and the things you need to achieve. They'll end up staying in your head and be much easier to achieve than you think.

Chelsey Labusch