The Best Grocery Store Tips To Lose Fat!

I'm going to share the only things you need to know when entering the grocery store to stay on track. 

It can be overwhelming to remember all these little rules and tips you hear from the media and websites on how to lose fat. But once you get to your grocery store, it all goes out the window and you're confused on what to buy and what not to buy. Here are some tips to keep in mind EVERY time you go to the store! This is especially important for people who bring their children with them. Make it something they become used to so they can stay healthy for the rest of their lives without even knowing it.

1. Stay away from the middle lanes 90% of the time!

A lot of experts say to fully stay away from middle lanes, as all they contain is unnessecary pastries, sugars, fats and carbs. While this is totally true, there's lots of essential things you need in your diet that are in the middle lanes. Bran flakes, oatmeal, teas and coffees (this is essential for me at least), supplements, brown rice and quinoa are some things to always have in your shelves. Spend only 10% of your time in these aisles getting what you need.

2. One ingredient rule.

A raw diet is a fantastic diet. If something contains only one ingredient, buy it! Raw foods are so important in our diet as they contain the most vitamins and nutrients in order to be healthy. They are also so easy to add to any meal

3. Plan ahead!

Keep a grocery store cheat sheet with you before going in and stay on track! There is so much marketing going on in grocery stores that many people aren't aware of and end up buying way more than they need because they think it's on sale or it catches their eye upon check-out. We are all slaves to these marketing ploys and they WORK! Ask yourself how many times you've gone into a grocery store and left with way more than you planned? Exactly. Keep a specific plan and stick to it!

4. Meal Plan.

This relates with tip 3. At the beginning of every week, have a meal plan to make sure you stay on track to your weight loss or staying healthy. Buy what you need at the beginning of the week (make sure to keep in mind how long things stay fresh for) and turn it into a list of things you need for the week. This is the cheapest and most effective way to not only lose weight but stay on track without breaking the bank. There's no need for that.

Cook for the next 2-3 days on Sunday night and again in the middle of the week until the weekend. This is easiest for those busy workers, students and parents. While it's a lot of cooking, it's only 2 nights a week and is completely worth it once you realize all you have to do to lose weight is grab your pre-made food in the morning and go!

Chelsey Labusch