Ladies, Stop the Salad Shaming!

Salad Shaming: Putting someone down for eating healthy because you feel bad about what you're eating.

While there are men out there who are just as guilty as women, there are apparently a large number of girls who shame other girls for eating healthy because they assume it's only to lose weight and feed an obsession for the perfect body. These assumptions are made by people who themselves are vain, superficial and have no knowledge on health or nutrition.

If someone is eating healthy, it doesn't always mean they're trying to lose weight. Remember, there are many naturally thin people who chose to eat healthy because they realized it makes them feel good and not to lose weight. People are beginning to eat more healthy meals because they are being educated by nutritionists and wellness advocates around the world who believe what we eat greatly affects how we live and how we choose to live with disease and even death. Yes, what you feed your body either helps or hinders diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular. The list goes on.

There needs to be less shaming other women if they decide to eat something healthy because you are assuming their intentions are vain. By doing so, you yourself are unhappy with your life and your diet and therefore need to make others feel bad about trying to do something good for their health.

Before you make someone feel bad about having a salad instead of going to McDonald's and eating something that won't have any positive affect on your health, re-evaluate your own health and try eating a salad from time to time. Understand that eating a salad isn't just leaves with a crappy dressing. It can be a rainbow of vegetables, nuts, seeds and even fruits with a healthy fats dressing that's actually satisfying and delicious. This will make you actually feel good after you eat as opposed to the McDonald's burger that will make you feel like a full garbage pale.

Why not try eating healthy at least once a day and try to understand what these "health snobs" are doing. Eating is supposed to be a moment of relaxation and joy. It is supposed to leave you full not stuffed, happy and energetic. If what your eating isn't doing those things for you (and I'm not talking about feeling happy after eating sugar...not the same thing!) and actually creating addictions, you're doing it all wrong.

Lastly, while I hope this post was able to open some people's eyes to the idea that this is all too real and so counter-productive to being healthy, but being healthy doesn't mean you have to be a snob about it. The last thing you want to do is have your co-workers, family members or friends start to hate you because you annoy them about your newest low-carb kale diet. DON'T put others down for the choices they make but rather inspire with your own choices! Click here to see how to eat healthy without being a snob.

Chelsey Labusch