How to get back on track after the weekend

Sometimes changing your eating habits to a healthier lifestyle means that you are restricting yourself from your usual eating patterns and guilty pleasures. However, once the weekend hits or you plan a trip away, these new healthy eating habits seems to fly out the window. While it's easy to get discouraged from your hard work, these simple tips will show you how to get back on track.It's so important to use the weekend and plan vacations/getaways as a stress reliever. It's a time for you to spend with friends/family without worrying about the daily grind and whatever else stresses you out. However, this means that there's very little structure and your routine starts to slip, leading to unhealthy and convenient eating habits. In my opinion, this is a good thing.

Pizza is good for the soul.

If you're starting to change your lifestyle and are eating healthier, it can become overwhelming sometimes and you may not feel like it's worth it to miss out on all the foods you used to love. Then once the weekend hits, these cravings come back full force with the new sense of relaxation you experience spending time doing things you love with the people you love. Dinners out, snacks and drinks bring people together more than you think. It all revolves around food and drink, which is great! You need to indulge (to some degree) a little bit to enjoy yourself and remember that these foods are not off limits forever. You can have a slice of pizza once in a while and still stay on track to your health and fat loss goals. That slice of pizza is healthy for your mind, so you don't go crazy thinking you need to eat the right foods 100% of the time. Once you think that way, you'll over indulge too often because you feel suppressed and even depressed thinking it's wrong to eat those things. This will most likely just lead to fat gain.

You have a reset button.

There's actually a reset button that you have full control over. Once you've indulged a little on the weekend or a trip, you can simply hit your mental 'reset button' and start with your healthy routine again. Like I said, just because you've had a few too many drinks or that extra plate of food doesn't mean you've gained all the weight you've lost and all of your hard work is ruined. You've instilled these healthy eating patterns, learned what to eat and how it makes you feel, as well as the satisfaction of waking up feeling energized the next day because you've nourished your body with what it needs. Once you've done that, it's so much easier to realize that you can get right back to it the next day.

Use this as an excuse for an amazing workout.

Chances are you've probably loaded up on the carbs and calories on the weekend, so use that as the perfect opportunity to kill a run you've wanted to do for a while or a good workout. You'll have a lot of stored energy that your body is dying to use, so by using it effectively in a great workout you won't only feel awesome afterwards but you'll be fully energized the whole time. Win-win.

All in all, we need the weekends and vacations to experience life, relieve stress and just spend time with the people you care about. Once you've got a healthy eating routine and you've made progress in your new lifestyles, a few slip ups won't matter to you anymore because you'll realize that you can get right back on track the next day. You should never be ashamed for over-indulging once in a while. Instead, you should be proud that you're able to get back on track afterwards. Remember to realize how bad you feel after having a little too much of the bad stuff and then how good you feel when you have enough of the good stuff. Once you see that, you'll never think your restricting yourself again.

Chelsey Labusch