Dealing with the cold & flu, naturally

Cold's and the flu are caused by viruses, which is a natural process. So why don't we deal with them naturally as well? 

For some reason, we take antibiotics the second we get sick. Taking antibiotics are good for dealing with bacterial infections, so taking them for a virus is basically useless. However, colds and flus can open the gate to various bacterial infections such as bronchitis, which would require antibiotics.

By drugging yourself the second you get sick to get rid of 'symptoms', you aren't actually dealing with the problem and you'll be sick much longer.

Traveling a lot, being in colder and dry climates and stress all contribute to getting the cold.  Here are some things to have ready when you need to combat the common cold and flu:

  • Vitamin C

    • It's effective when put in situations where you're prone to getting sick and it also shortens the length of the cold. Taking vitamin c every day is a cost effective way to combat getting sick in the future.
  • Oregano Oil

    • If you don't have a way to vaporize the oil, drinking a few drops of it in some orange juice and water can provide some relief from a sore throat.
  • Chicken broth

    • Chicken soup will do too, but the broth is where all the nutrients will help you when dealing with a cold. Chicken broth has anti-inflammatory properties to help dampen cold symptoms, while also keeping you hydrated. Make sure you find a low sodium broth so you aren't overloading on salt. Here's a great recipe.
  • Echinacea

    • Boosts the immune system to reduce the length and severity of colds. You can find this in pill form, lozenges and teas.
  • Ginger

    • Helps with feelings of upset stomach and nausea, while also reducing inflammation that promotes disease.
  • Staying warm and hydrated

    • It's useful to sweat it all out, as well as snort and sneeze it all out too (TMI).
  • Relax

    • Give your body time to relax, as stress is usually the reason you got sick in the first place. You will recover much faster if you sleep and relax as much as you can.

Let the virus run its course and take the time to take care of your body while it's so vulnerable. Do little exercise, drink most of your food intake in the form of broth, water and orange juice, and sleep as much as possible!

Chelsey Labusch