A Fit Tip: Subscribe to Newsletters!

Most people check their emails if not once a day, multiple times a day. Why not subscribe to some fitness and nutrition newsletters to keep daily motivation?

Below are some online newsletters I subscribe to that send valuable and useful information to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle:

1. Shape Magazine - I love subscribing to magazines because it's like getting free continuous helpful content without all the ads!

2. Authority Nutrition - This website is extremely useful with lots of great articles. The newsletters are VERY informative and worth the reads. Take it all with a grain of salt, as some information can be somewhat biased.

3. Tone It Up - Katrina and Karena are the epitome of what girls should strive to be: fit, healthy and toned! They have tons of free videos of workouts and recipes that are extremely helpful.

4. Blogilates - This girls mixes her passion of pilates with blogging to create Blogilates! Not only is she super fun to watch, she's constantly sending you fitness and nutrition videos with tons of healthy and easy recipes too.

5. 100 Days of Real Food - Mother who turned her passion of creating a healthier kitchen for her family into a full-time blogging and meal planning career

6. Academy of Culinary Nutrition - Canadian-based school to become a certified culinary nutritionist! Great program worth looking into!

Chelsey Labusch