A Fat Loss Obstacle: Overcoming Pressure

Finding it difficult to stay on track when friends, family and even the little voice in your head saying you 'can't' are continuously doubting you and 'forcing' you to eat unhealthy? We've all been there. People are either jealous, don't understand what being healthy means, naturally 'thin' or have seen you try and fail before.

Don't let any of these things discourage you, especially that little voice in your head bringing up past failure! Use the fact that you failed to MOTIVATE you this time around and learn from past mistakes. Did you fail because you ate a cookie and decided you had ruined the whole 'diet' by doing so? One of the worst things you can do is beat yourself up because you slipped. Get back on track and make sure you don't go overboard! You aren't going to ruin all that you have accomplished because you had some chocolate.

If you failed at fat loss in the past, it was probably because you were trying a new 'fad' diet. 'Diet's don't work' and you either fail because you are constantly miserable or you gain all the weight back once you eat something normal again. Another reason to just start eating CLEAN!

To overcome pressure from friends and family, let them know you're just trying to be more healthy. Whatever you do, don't use the word 'diet'! Too many diet trial and errors (and misconceptions about what the word 'diet' actually means) around the world will have them doubting you right away.

Be confident when you tell them you're being healthy. Make it seem like it's not hard and you feel much happier, because eventually that will be the truth! Once they see what you've accomplished and how much happier you are, they will be just as thrilled! It's getting over that initial hump that makes you successful. If they aren't happy for you, then they aren't worth your time and energy and, eventually, will be the reason you don't succeed. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

The past does not equal your future. Get past the past!

Chelsey Labusch