Everyone has different body types, fitness goals and lifestyles.

There are too many diets, fads, medications and "quick fixes" out there that are survived by a trial and error. I often get asked 'what to do' to lose fat or eat healthier, and the only thing you need is a plan that meets your needs and is proven to reach your goals!

Here's why there's no one diet proven to work for everyone and here's why:

  • Different Body Types

  • Dietary Preferences & Restrictions

  • Time or Lack There Of

  • Varying Budgets

  • Physical Activity Limits

  • Cooking Experience & Knowledge

  • Family & Life Demands

  • Climate & Environmental Pollutants

  • Stress Levels

  • Work Situation

  • Etc.


mybestfitplan.com is all about getting your own personal health coach. Operated by a Canadian living in Barcelona, the 'My Best Fit Plan Ltd' is designed after a personal consultation and required medical and intake forms to create a nutrition plan that works just for you, online or in-person!

Every plan includes meal plans, meal swap/prop sheet, supplement recommendations and pre/post workout meal plans to help you reach your goals. You'll also get access to an online portal to view all your plans, personal recommendations, chances to book more meetings and chats with me whenever you like.

Still have questions? Book a free consultation with me below or email mybestfitplan@gmail.com!

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